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How to Inventory Your System

Below is a typical phone system. Most system have the following components:

  • Control Unit
  • Phones
  • Voice Mail system
  • Modules for expansion or features
  • Software

Part numbers are important

To get the best offer for your used equipment, it's important that you provide a part number inventory.  Potential buyers will base their offer on "worse case" scenario if they can't clearly identify items in your list.

Photos do NOT help in verifying specific part numbers and versions or release, it's best to take a few minutes and scratch out an quick inventory.  If you're not sure which codes are part numbers, go ahead and write down any numbers that appear to be part numbers (serial numbers and FCC numbers are not needed).

The more numbers you can find, the better chance you'll have in getting our best offer.  Locating part numbers on phones can be tricky - there's usually a white label with the numbers you need, but are often hidden behind the plastic snap-on stands.  If you don't see a part number, you may need to pop one of those off, for each phone type.

Colors are important

Always include the color of phones in your inventory.  Typically, Black phones carry more value than White phones - White phones tend to "yellow" as they age, requiring  replacement of plastics, which increases refurbishing costs.  Color always makes a difference, so please indicate color of phones in your inventory.

Software versions are important

Weather it's personal, or business, everyone prefers the latest release for the electronics they use.  Phone systems are no different, customers prefer the features that are inherent with the newest models. 

Always take note of your items hardware version or software release - the difference in value can be substantial, especially if you have a newer model system.  Always include any additional numbers or lettering that appear near your systems model or part number, ie; SW 6.1, R7.1, etc.  

Make sure you include information found on software cards (size of a credit card) or flash cards (same as cards used in cameras) - these often list the systems software or voicemail release.

Expansion Cards Add Value

Depending on how your system is designed, it will either have electronic cards (just like inside a desktop computer), or thicker modules with a plastic shell - as shown in the photo above.  These modules allow expansion of the system or may add additional features.

To get the best offer for your system, it's important to take a look inside the systems main cover, and not any additional cards or modules installed in the system.  Since it can be a bit confusing identifying the cards inside a system, you can always take a photo of the inside of the cabinet and email that over to us, we can usually decipher it from there.  At most, we may ask you to check a number on a selected card in the photo.

Taking the time to cover the basic topics listed above, can often boost the value of your system by several hundred dollars!  For example, if your system has a voice mail card installed, you're not going to be able to see it unless you pop-off the system cover.  If you don't have it on your inventory list, the offers you receive won't include it's value.  The buyer who ends up getting your system will get a freebee voicemail system...  It only takes a few minutes to do a thorough inventory and receive a fair offer for your "complete" system!


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Inventory Basics

  • Get part numbers for all items.

  • Include system & voicemail software release.

  • Always include color of phones

  • Check inside system for expansion cards and voicemail cards

  • Make sure every item is listed in the inventory.

  • The more part numbers you can find, the better your potential offer.

  • Take note of any known damage or non-working items.

  • Do not include UPS power supplies in your inventory of shipment.

  • Do not include copies of users manuals in your shipment.